Gaucho Music Reflects the Merging of Cultures in Latin America Posted on February 9th, 2012 by

Gauchos are the traditional cowboys of the pampas — the vast grasslands — of South America.  And their music reflects the mixing and blending of cultures that contribute to Latin American regional identities.  A new CD “Button Accordion and Bandeón Music from N. Uruguay” from Smithsonian Folkways from a group called “Los Gauchos de Roldán”  demonstrates the ways in which folk music and instruments from Europe were adapted in the rural areas of Uruguay, with influences not only from European immigrants but from the Afro-Uruguayans who came originally as slaves.

Okay, so “Button Accordion and Bandeón Music from N. Uruguay” is not a very catchy title.  But the music is amazing. And even if you don’t like the accordion, you might change your mind after hearing this CD.  You can download a free MP3 of one of the songs on the Smithsonian folkways site.  



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