Meet LALACS alum Jacki Christopher ’03

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One thing that holds true about our alums in Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies at Gustavus — they lead fascinating and productive lives after graduation. We are so proud of everything that Jacki has accomplished so far, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

After graduating from Gustavus in 2003, Jacki Christopher worked briefly as a Bilingual Health Coordinator with Migrant Health Service in Southern Minnesota, a position which developed from an internship during her senior year. Working with migrants led to an abiding interest and concern for the Mexican border. She began spending summers in Piedras Negras working for Constructores Para Cristo, a house-building ministry. Jacki worked as director of their clinic, helping to orient medical missionaries and interpret for doctors and nurses.

In 2005 she helped her mother to start Promise Care, an in-home health care agency serving seniors in the metro area. Promise Care expanded to include Welcome Baby Care, an agency of postpartum doulas. Jacki worked as director of communications and still writes for the company.

She moved to Philadelphia to begin working on her Masters in Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary and discovered an interest in 16th century Spain–the intersection of the Inquisition and the Reformation. She focused her studies on this time period and was invited to attend an academic conference in Zafra, Spain highlighting the work of Spanish Reformers. She presented her work on Spanish Reformer Constantino Ponce de la Fuente at the Michigan Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Letters. In 2011 she finished translating a book on Constantino from the Spanish, which is now awaiting publication.

Jackie works as a freelance writer and translator and has blogged about Mexican issues and culture at her blog She continues to tutor adults and children in Spanish.


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