Go to Cuba for J-Term 2014 (no Spanish needed!)

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Religion, Culture, and Identity in Cuba – J-Term 2014


EXPERIENCE THE CULTURE:  This January 2014 course will take students across the island – from the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba to the capital city of Havana to the western region of Pinar del Rio. This rare opportunity will enable participants to see Cuba through the eyes of Cubans, and explore the ways they define themselves, their society, their faith, and their future. Through invited speakers, concerts, dance performances, and visits to cultural and religious sites, you will experience the culture of this amazing island.

BE AMONG THE FEW US CITIZENS ALLOWED TO GO: Cuba has been under communist rule since the Revolution of 1959. Off limits to US travelers for years, Cuba is now becoming accessible through new educational programs licensed by the US State Department. Students in this course will have an opportunity that few U.S. citizens have had!!! You will travel with Spanish-speaking guides and interpreters.

SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, UNKNOWN TO MOST AMERICANS: Cuba is a country of great natural beauty, exquisite colonial architecture, and warm, friendly people. Cuban musical styles – like Rumba and Cuban salsa – are world renowed.

STUDY CUBA’S AWESOME CULTURE: Rich, diverse, and complex! Cubans have Spanish and African roots, later influenced by Chinese, Soviet, and North American cultures. Religiously, the country includes Catholics, evangelical Protestants, a small but growing Islamic presence, and practitioners of Judaism as well as the African-based Yoruba religion santeria.

Course leaders: Sujay Rao (History) and Jeffrey Rathlef (Center for Servant Leadership) have previously traveled in Cuba, know the country well, and are fluent in Spanish.

For more information, contact course leaders or Linda Shaw, CICE (lshaw@gustavus.edu or x7545).


Habana Vieja


Photo attribution:  El Morro photo by  K@mphuis, permission granted by license from Creative Commons

Old Havana shop photo by Nancy Scott Hanway


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