Why LALACS? Current Students’ Perspective

Posted on October 25th, 2017 by

Nicole Pfalz’19 || (Psychology / LALACS)

Electing a LALACS major has created significant connections not only to my Spanish minor, but also to my Psychological Science major. I have been able to work with individuals from cultures that differ from my own in a way that has propelled me to pursue graduate school to become a speech-language pathologist that specializes in working with Hispanic peoples. I truly believe that LALACS enhances all other fields of study, and teaches its students to celebrate the diversity that exists in our communities – something that I deem necessary in the world we live today.


James Ramsburg’18 || (Spanish / LALACS)

I declared my major in LALACS because of how well it fit into my Spanish curriculum, but little did I know how enriching my coursework would be. From courses in religion and history to others in political science and art, the program’s interdisciplinary approach has given me a nuanced perspective about the issues facing Latin America today. The cultural and contextual knowledge I have gained in this program is invaluable; it has made me a better researcher and a more informed citizen of the Americas. Latin America is complex – this program gives you the tools to understand and appreciate that complexity.


Oakley Clark’18 || (Political Science / Religion)

I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to minor in LALACS as it has granted me an interdisciplinary approach to understanding not only Latin American culture and society but also my own identity as an American. LALACS has prepared me to interact with a whole hemisphere of people—a genuine manifestation of what the liberal arts are supposed to be and do.


Brian Pérez’19 || (Political Science / Spanish)

As a double major in Spanish and Political Science, I’ve decided to minor in LALACS because it immerses me into so many different topics such as Globalization, Latin American History, and Latin American Politics. It forces me to think beyond my comfort level and helps me view things through different lenses, all while enhancing my intercultural skills. Also, the professors of the LALACS program make the courses entertaining and are excellent mentors.



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