Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies: Meet LALACS minor Annabel Landaverde

Posted on March 4th, 2011 by

Annabel Landaverde, Junior LALACS minor

Hi all! I’m Annabel Landaverde, a junior from San Francisco, CA. I’m a Poli Sci major as well as a double minor in LALACS and Peace Studies. I am currently involved with the Delta Phi Omega sorority, Gustavus cheer squad and work as an intern in town at Ameriprise Financial. When I am not studying or running to meetings, I spend my time goofing off, having costume parties in my room, and pretending to get fit. Recently I came back from a semester in India studying social justice, peace and development, which was an incredible experience and has effectively made me even more of a hippie than I was before. I speak Spanish fluently and hope to work at a non-profit in Latin America for a year or more after graduation–preferably one that’s by a beach next to a coconut water stand.  Cross your fingers!  🙂 But for now, I’m looking forward to my senior year as an intern to the Community Service Center helping bridge St. Peter with our sister city Petatlán.

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  1. Nancy Hanway says:

    Wow, Annabel. I can’t believe all that you do! When do you have free time? Let’s talk about your plans for the future (would love to help you research those non-profits). And I will be in contact about Petatlán! — Nan

  2. Annabel says:

    Hi, Nancy! I did not read your post until today, 6 months later! I hope you are enjoying your sabbatical. If you check this post in the near future, which I hope you will, I would love to talk with you about non-profits in Latin America. I could use all help I can get in terms of finding organizations to contact. Also, things are going well with the Petatlán relationship. In fact, 6 members from Petatlán were in Saint Peter for a week earlier this November. We’re definitely making some real strides. If you’re interested I can fill you in on all that has progressed.