Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies at Gustavus: Meet Chaz Brown

Posted on March 7th, 2011 by


Chaz Brown, Senior LALACS minor

My name is Chaz Brown and I am a senior International Management and Spanish major and LALACS minor from Rogers, MN.

My favorite things to do are meeting people, playing tennis, and practicing Spanish. My study abroad experiences have ranged from a couple of weeks to a semester in length and have brought me to Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, México, New Zealand, Perú, and Tanzania.

At Gustavus, I worked as an intern in the Community Service Office to identify and develop the sister city relationship between St. Peter and Petatlán, México (here’s my blog from the trip I took to Petatlán with a delegation from St. Peter).  I also run the weekly Spanish table at the Caf as the assistant to the Spanish profs.


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