LALACS Creates Controversy with Alma López Posted on November 16th, 2011 by

Los Angeles based digital artist, activist and director Alma López was on campus November 8-10, 2011. The lecture, screening of “I Love Lupe,” book signing and reception was a huge hit, gathering an audience of close to 200 students, faculty and staff. The poster-making process created a lengthy debate amongst heads of different GAC departments. Several concerns were raised in terms of her work being perceived as “anti-Catholic” or disrespectful, due to the nudity present in her controversial piece, “Our Lady.” The presence of her posters on campus also enticed an ongoing debate amongst Gusties across disciplines and professions: from custodians, to students, to faculty. Some in favor of her work, some profoundly offended by her depiction of “Our Lady.”

While on campus, López attended two sections of Spanish American Culture, taught by Angelique Dwyer; and Performance in the Americas, taught by Henry MacCarthy. She met with GWS students at the Diversity Center and also attended an OLAS meeting where she provided useful strategies for students of Latino descent to outreach the Latino community of St. Peter.

During her talk on November 9th in Wallenberg, López graciously presented her work in an historically-informed and respectful manner. During the Mexican Candy Bar reception hosted by the Diversity Center, López signed copies of her book and chatted with attendees. It was a wonderfully successful event!

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